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On Being David Crosby’s Higher Power

“If you’re into spiritual practice, you make a space where every day you can make contact with your higher self, whatever you call it – God, dog. I call it Marnie.” David Crosby


It makes me like him even more, of course,

That in addition to donating sperm

To help make a lesbian rocker baby dream

Come true (and all his sweet harmonies of course),

He also calls his higher power by my name.

If my name were plainer, I might not even care.

But I once claimed a psychic link with William Hurt–

Marlee sounds like Marnie and we had the same

basic region of problem–she’s deaf, I’ve got hearing aids….

The Quaker in me, the Transcendentalist,

The yin-yang Zen Baptist me that flushed

Original sin clean off my “Here’s What I Believe” list,

I think we all could be each other’s higher power.

But once a Woodstock legend says you’re his,

I think you had better start to act like it.