Monthly Archives: November 2012

Yes. No–wait. Sorry. (Two Sonnets)

I work 50-60 hours a week.

No–wait. Sorry. I don’t. Next question.

I think everyone should work as hard as I

Oh, 40-45. On average. Whatever.

Work. We have to pull together like a family

Have I ever told you about my father’s father?

Where everyone pulls their share. It’s only right.

He sold family land and drank the profits down.

The world is such a mess. So much to do.

Compared to that, I’m like the Queen of All

Community doesn’t just happen out of the blue.

That’s right and good. I believe in good enough.

You have to make it, have to have been the one

Yea, verily, I sure do reap all kinds of stuff

To have built it before you can say you’re living in

Wherein I did not sow. I’m really horrible,

Community. I mean at home, at work,

I know. I’m doing the best I can. Or–no–

And locally. Where you shop and what

It’s like my Dad says, “I do good work when I do it.”

You eat and whether you go door to door

I’d almost always rather just stay at home.

For the community-based candidate

But there are some groups and people I support.

Of your choice. Oh sure, I have a lot of fun.

When I can get up off my fat white ass

I just joined a handbell choir, for one.

It’s like a Christmas miracle has come to pass.

Truck Pulling the Moon

“He thinks the moon is a small hole at the top of the sky,

proving the sky quite useless for protection. “ Elizabeth Bishop, “The Man-Moth”


Astigmatism flattened what was coming

At me, wide load, giant silo, creamy

And perfectly round. For a moment, I was the Man-Moth,

Understanding what I saw, but not

As what it was.

The sunrise in the rear-view mirror,

Crepuscular rays pulling electric gray

From pewter clouds: for sure a religious calendar,

As my old friend Dennis used to say.

I’ve been forgetting lately what day it is,

What time, or what semester, fall or spring,

And right before my alarm went off this morning,

I dreamed that I had dawdled so long I was

More than an hour late.  I woke up relieved.


Blessed are those who have seen and yet believed.